Artist’s Statement

Artist's Statement

When people ask me if I am an artist, I respond with ‘I am a painter’. This distinction matters to me. 
In today’s world, an artist can be anything from concept, installation, performance and more.  My only focus is to paint; to learn about paint, to experiment with paint and in the large part, to have fun with paint.
Whilst I would describe my work ‘contemporary’, for me there is still an important craft in how I paint. And I believe in craft, old-fashioned though that is today.  To paint is to develop a craft and this has to be practiced and learned.

My work draws on the theory that the intrinsic nature of the world around us is alive. There are many ancient and modern theories that support this view. Many philosophers, scientists and creatives have written on the subject.

My work as a landscape painter focuses on capturing the energy of the landscape in a non-representational and contemporary way. My process is drawn from nature.  I work in sketches on location and use these works back in the studio as my primary source.  In the studio, I then distil elements from the sketches to explore the energy and aliveness of the landscape.

I work in both water-based media and oil.  I love working in water-based media.  Water-based media allows me to express the feeling of the landscape in a contemporary way using a variety of different water-based material. I enjoy the interplay of the different water-based materials available to the painter today that I can layer, weave and bring energy and that same aliveness into the painting.

Oil to me is a special medium.  There is a lovely quality to oil, especially when dry.  It is a challenging medium to work with due to drying times and it’s technical complexity.  However, I enjoy creating contemporary works using the oil paints in innovative and loose ways.  My work is developed in many layers and I like to build these layers up using everything from traditional watercolours both in pans and tubes, acrylics, watercolour pencils, watercolour sticks, traditional oils and also oil-sticks and charcoal.

I work in all sizes and I often use the natural raw materials found in the locations I am working on in my paintings.  It is not unusual for me to use seawater, rainwater or ground up materials from the environment.  More usually in my sketchbooks – they are messy affairs of nature.

My aim is to connect the viewer back to a memory of landscape, a time and a place.  It is not essential they know the location of the landscape that the painting was inspired by.  It is about connecting to a mood and understanding of the natural world of wonder around us.

I hold an MA in Fine Art, and am a Member of the Sussex Watercolour Society, and an Associate Member of the United Society of Artists.  I exhibit regularly in London and the South East.

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