Earth Connection

Since being back on the South Coast I have visited all my favourite locations up on the Downs and along the Coast. Both with my sketchbook and also painting some one off ‘plein-air’ works. There is something irreplaceable about painting in a landscape you know from childhood! It’s in the DNA.

I can feel my work shifting and developing again. It’s like being truly home has allowed another shift. And I am really enjoying this Earth connection to the landscape that I am feeling. I have key areas that I love: Bury Hill and the chalk paths around and above Amberley.

I don’t know why it should be so; but some areas just feel ancient and full of the Old Ways and very connected to the energy of the land. It’s silly really as all the land is old essentially. But on the top of Bury Hill and around Amberley you feel a sense of the real and deep history of the land.

Are there any places you like to paint regularly?