Energy and spirit

‘Place Palettes’ are something I use all the time.  I posted a couple recently on my social media sites. Usually I only post the sketch or finished work, but this time I wanted to show where I really start from. My work indicates a mood and a place and so does not need to look representational.  In fact I don’t seek to paint what is there; I seek to honour the energy and spirit of an environment.

My work usually starts out in the natural environment.  I sketch a lot in situ and then use these as reference when back in the studio. ‘Place Palettes’ are a little snapshot of the environment at a moment in time.  You can visit the same spot and the ‘place palette’ will vary as the flora and fauna change.

People often use the place palette to capture the natural colours of the place. From that, they may match them up to paint colours on a piece of paper to take home and use as reference when painting.

My ‘Place Palettes’ are different.  I gather elements of the environment together and leave them there as a little offering.  It is my way of working with the landscape to help me to take inspiration.