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Whilst I would like to say I blog regularly, the constriction of doing something regularly just takes the fun away. However, I love to share my thoughts and ideas and recently this is taking form as vlog posts which I call ‘Friday Chats’. Being a painter is quite a solitary life and I use social media a lot to engage with my audience. So this is a section to have some blogs and also random thoughts, musings, little experiments and what nots.

Art friday chats (vlogs)

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Balance is everything

Well it has been one of those weeks when life outside of art and painting pushes to take over.

Over the years I have got my own little routine for working out how to handle this. In the past I would stop painting and everything else would get my attention. Clearly because everything outside of painting is the normal rational world we live by and therefore it seems reasonable to leave life to take priority.

These days I push on with the studio time. Regardless of what is happening in my wider life. Because I now know a life without painting is not the right life for me. Balance is everything. You can’t just move forward with life and then wait for the right moment to paint. You cannot just ignite the thing that makes you whole; it is part of life for me.

So I quieten the voices in my head that want me to focus on the world outside of painting and paint anyway. It really works for me. I find I keep my personal balance much better. And why should painting be pushed to the edge when life calls? Surely it so integral to life it has to be an ‘and’ not an ‘or’.

Other recent blogs

Earth Connection

Since being back on the South Coast I have visited all my favourite locations up on the Downs and along the Coast. Both with my sketchbook and also painting some one off ‘plein-air’ works. There is something irreplaceable about painting in a landscape you know from childhood! It’s in the DNA. I can feel my… Read more »


A wonderful timeline

In my blogs recently I have discussed how I am focusing on using a sketchbook rather than just random pieces of paper that I keep in a drawer as one-off sketches. The process is really helping me in all sorts of ways. Firstly I always write the date and place of the sketch on the… Read more »


The essence and mood of the place

As most of you know who follow me regularly, I don’t use a sketch book, as such.  I do work regularly  outside and then work off my sketches in the studio.  I find using my work in the studio rather than a photo helps me move away from representational work. I’m not interested in conveying… Read more »


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