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I love to share my thoughts and ideas with you all. You can find my most recent blogs and sketchbooks here.

Whilst I would like to say I blog regularly, the constriction of doing something regularly just takes the fun away. However, I love to share my thoughts and ideas and recently this is taking form as vlog posts which I call 'Friday Chats'.

Being a painter is quite a solitary life and I use social media a lot to engage with my audience. So this is a section to have some blogs and also random thoughts, musings, little experiments and what nots.

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From an authentic place

Someone recently said to me they could always tell one of my paintings because of its ‘style’.  Such a lovely compliment and it really got me thinking as to what I thought ‘style’ actually is.

I think having a recognisable ‘style’ or ‘painting handwriting’ is something we aim to achieve as Artists.  Reaching a consistent working ‘style’ takes time and effort.  For me, I believe that an artist’s style has to be so much more than just being recognisable, not least because it is possible to be heavily inspired by the Masters and their ‘handwriting’, for example.

An artist’s style should reflect the person creating the painting; their emotion, their observation, and of course, their technique.  I think the true recognition of when you have started finding your ‘painting handwriting’ is when you can say that your work is authentic.  It comes from a deep place within you.  When you know as an artist why you are painting and more importantly why you are painting what you are painting. However, I also believe that this is a life-time’s journey.

During my MA in Fine Art we were challenged to think about what we were painting and why.  For those who follow me regularly on my social media pages know all my work has a theme.  Typically, my series of works are developed around a theme with a common idea and concept.  Those themes come from places I have visited, weather that I have experienced or emotions running through me at a given time.

For a painter’s work to have a real spark and then to develop a ’style’, for me it has to come from an authentic place.  Just like in life, when we stay true to ourselves, we find that life then flows with its own energy.  Well, I think so does painting.  And to be authentic in your work takes time, thought and reflection. And is a never-ending job! Such a lifetime challenge.

And so to my ‘stye’ and ‘handwriting’ … my work is inspired through a theme of ‘aliveness’ and ‘energy’ in nature.  If you read my artist’s statement on my website you will understand more about where all my work comes from.

Memories of places and times

There is something valuable in reviewing your art process. I think we can all get in a rut, I know I do, and end up doing the same thing, the same way. The old adage ‘if you always do, what you’ve always done. You always get, what you’ve always got’ is very true. So now… Read more »


Simple freedom

I’m not sure I can ever sketch enough! I find the process of sketching so informative to my practise. I  never use photos and always work from my sketches in the studio. So really there can never be enough sketches as my ‘ primary source’ to work from. There’s something very free about a sketch…. Read more »


Work in Motion

Now and then I think it’s good to work in a series. My process generally is to sketch outside and use  these sketches back in the studio to as my primary source for paintings. As most of you know who follow me regularly I’ve been working on a series that started late spring and is… Read more »


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