I just like the freedom

I can’t paint unless I have bare feet. In general I don’t like my feet being in shoes anyway. However if I can’t feel the ground underneath me while I paint I have real difficulty in connecting to the work.

Painting outside with this peccadillo is a problem. The summer is fine you can kick off the shoes or flip flops and paint. But winter is another matter. So I do paint in boots and hate it.

It’s a strange little issue really. I’m not even sure how the no shoe thing while painting became a thing! It brings about problems of its own as well. My studio is in my house; and I end up padding paint underfoot everywhere. Over the years I have tried to have studio boots, studio flip flops and even dreaded studio crocs! None really last; as I just like the freedom of nothing on my feet. It’s also a hazardous little fad as my toes seem to get knocked or dropped on all the time.

Does anyone else have a studio fad? I’d love to hear of any other studio quirks.