Just changing perspective

Taking time out from the daily grind is important for us all. However sometimes I think just being in a different location is as good as a rest.

I’ve been taking some family time in Wales this week and really enjoyed being away from the studio and painting in the Wales landscape and forest. Sometimes just changing perspective gives such a new take on your own painting.

When we go away, my paints always come. I always pack them. Sometimes I think if I don’t paint it’s ok, but then I feel a new vigour and outlook when away, fully relaxed and then out the paints come.

Some of my best breakthroughs have been when painting away. I’m not one much for huge workshops and classes and working with others. I really like solitary painting. And I find experimenting when away is often successful as I don’t set out with as much in mind as when working in the studio. Coming back, I may ignore the new ideas or they become the core of a new series. We all have to find our best way of working and what works for each of us.

For me, maybe the holiday is not as much of a rest from painting as I had first thought?

How do you reinvigorate your own painting? And where best do you experiment?