The rolling of the seasons

The weather and season is changing and I have been sketching, painting and walking along the top of Bury Hill and down through the fields and paths to Amberley. It’s wonderful when you work outside to see the rolling of the seasons. I think you become aware of nature in a different way when you paint regularly in one spot.

It’s a gorgeous walk, I have done many times in my life. I’ve walked this route with my mum was I was younger and now hubby and Louis, our dog. It’s a timeless spot and one of the high points of the Downs. Depending which way you look, you either see the Weald and the Arun Valley and all it’s gorgeous patchwork green fields leading up to more rolling Downs in the distance, or you can see the sea right on the horizon! Seeing the sea depends on the weather of course!

The bushes and hedgerows are full of gorgeous plum coloured blackberries right now, lending a touch of nostalgia to the walk for me. Mum and I used to make Blackberry Jam this time of year.

So my new works are inspired by this route. There is something about the different autumnal colours slowly creeping in and providing highlights across the landscape It makes it hard and equally a joy to capture in this series. Balancing light and dark in our rapidly changing weather adds to the challenge.

I hope you enjoy spotting the hint of the wild blackberries in my recent work. The blackberries and their splashes of deep damson across the bushes have definitely transferred from sketches to studio paintings.