Work in Motion

Now and then I think it’s good to work in a series. My process generally is to sketch outside and use  these sketches back in the studio to as my primary source for paintings.

As most of you know who follow me regularly I’ve been working on a series that started late spring and is in general around ‘this green and pleasant land’.

I made a subtle change in my process this time for working on this series and it has worked really well. So I thought I would share it with you.

I still worked from my outside sketches back in the studio. However instead of going straight into my bigger pieces I worked up a small series in both watercolour and oils and then worked from these small pieces for my larger works.

The benefits of this three step process has meant I have really delved deep into the style, compositions and palette of this developing series! And my learning has been to keep your process a ‘work in motion’. Keep challenging your own status quo. Small changes can give huge results and keeps the fun!