Working through my process backwards

Recently I have been asked to under take a commission. In general I don’t do commissions. Especially commissions where I am requested to recreate another work like one of my previous paintings.

My process is not formulaic at all. I do not aim to create representational works of a particular place. More a sense of the mood. While all my works start off as sketches outside in an actual place I use these sketches back in the studio to create works that are more abstract, more about the mood.

So when I was asked to undertake a commission I was a bit anxious at recreating the work. Could I recreate the mood? And how would the client receive the work?

However, recreating a similar work to the one the client wanted was such a wonderful learning. I enjoyed doing this commission so much. I enjoyed working through my process backwards to create colour tones, paint mixes and the shape of the work.

I had to slow down and really look at my work. I don’t paint fast anyway these days, however often when painting an original painting the flow of the work can over take. And this allows for wonderful energy and creation to come into my work. Interestingly this happened again even though I was following my first work.

So I was thrilled to see that the element of spontaneity came into my commission and allowed the work to have its own life and energy.

So my learning was to trust myself as an artists and the process. And stay open to all ideas.