Selected Works

This section contains some of my most recent works. My paintings are a reflection of the natural world around us and I am influenced by both land and sea.

My aim is to create non representational works but a ‘sense’ of the place. I paint from my primary and secondary sources.

I sketch in both pencil and watercolour and work back in the studio from these works. I find working from a sketch really allows for freedom. The works in this gallery are in both oil and watercolour.

My most recent 'Field Notes'

The most important aspect of love

“The most important aspect of love is not in the giving or receiving, it’s in the being”. This is a quote by  Ram Dass who is an American Psychologist and teacher. He wrote a great book in the 1970s called ‘Be here now”. And this book and his humanistic teaching inspired me on a journey… Read more »