A Painters Portfolio

A Painters Portfolio

My name is Lucy Marks. I am a painter who uses canvas and paper, watercolours and oils.

I live on the coast of West Sussex. The South Downs, the rivers leading to the sea, and the coast itself inspire my work.

Painting the 'sense of the place'

My aim is to paint landscapes that reflect the sense of the place, rather than what is actually there. To achieve that, I have taken an abstract approach and look to build in drama and to create a sensory reaction when viewing my work.

I paint on canvas and paper primarily using watercolours and oils. I work from nature and often use found objects from the landscape such as sticks, chalk and local water in my work. I hold an MA in Fine Art.

Selected Works

This section contains some of my most recent works.

My paintings are a reflection of the natural world around us and I am influenced by both land and sea.

My aim is to create non representational works but a ‘sense’ of the place. I paint from my primary and  secondary sources. I sketch in both pencil and watercolour and work back in the studio from these  works. I find working from a sketch really allows for freedom.

The works in this gallery are in both oil and watercolour.

My most recent 'Field Notes'

The energy of the landscape

Sometimes you have to paint in the moment. I work from sketches that are drawn or painted in the  landscape. These sketches are then worked from back in the studio. For me my work is about capturing the ‘energy’ of the landscape. Whether that be a stormy day, or a quiet space, for me the… Read more »