About Lucy

I have lived in and around Sussex all my life. Having had a career in which I ran my own coaching, counselling and leadership training business, I made the decision to focus my energy on art full-time since the middle of last year.

I love my home and enjoy nothing better than to be at home. I love to research painting and generally books on art are all over the house.

I can't stop buying paintings and the walls are filled with paintings I have bought just because I like them. Often old paintings from a charity shop. They are all on the wall thrown randomly up - but it works

I have several studio assistants - three cats and a dog. In all honesty it's only one cat that is loyal and comes into the studio with me - Ambrose. He is chief art critic.

The others visit but he has a cushion and sits on it behind me watching. As soon as I head to the studio and open the door he's there.

Other than painting and work I love to sit and natter with my friends. I have a small but select group who I will text my new work to before I post to facebook. Over the years they have got really good at critiquing the work. And do the same for them.

I hold an MA in Fine Art, and am a Member of the Sussex Watercolour Society, and an Associate Member of the United Society of Artists.  I exhibit regularly in London and the South East.

My most recent 'Field Notes'

Energy and spirit

‘Place Palettes’ are something I use all the time.  I posted a couple recently on my social media sites. Usually I only post the sketch or finished work, but this time I wanted to show where I really start from. My work indicates a mood and a place and so does not need to look… Read more »