About Lucy

I have lived in and around Sussex all my life. Having had a career in which I ran my own coaching, counselling and leadership training business, I made the decision to focus my energy on art full-time since the middle of last year.

I love my home and enjoy nothing better than to be at home. I love to research painting and generally books on art are all over the house.

I can't stop buying paintings and the walls are filled with paintings I have bought just because I like them. Often old paintings from a charity shop. They are all on the wall thrown randomly up - but it works

I have several studio assistants - three cats and a dog. In all honesty it's only one cat that is loyal and comes into the studio with me - Ambrose. He is chief art critic.

The others visit but he has a cushion and sits on it behind me watching. As soon as I head to the studio and open the door he's there.

Other than painting and work I love to sit and natter with my friends. I have a small but select group who I will text my new work to before I post to facebook. Over the years they have got really good at critiquing the work. And do the same for them.

I hold an MA in Fine Art, and am a Member of the Sussex Watercolour Society, and an Associate Member of the United Society of Artists.  I exhibit regularly in London and the South East.

My most recent 'Field Notes'

The energy of the landscape

Sometimes you have to paint in the moment. I work from sketches that are drawn or painted in the  landscape. These sketches are then worked from back in the studio. For me my work is about capturing the ‘energy’ of the landscape. Whether that be a stormy day, or a quiet space, for me the… Read more »